Thursday, November 1, 2018

Sonoff Switches

So recently I bough few sonoff switches and had time to play around with them. Below are some of the tips for others using these switches and facing issues that I faced.

sonPairing: I discovered that many people had tough time pairing the switches with the app. One thing that worked for me was to put the phone on Airplane mode, switch on WIFI and then try to pair the switch.

Firmware Upgrade: This was a hit and miss for me, but what I found worked many times was that before upgrading the firmware make sure that the switch is ON and also use an iPhone to do the upgrade. For me the firmware upgrade failed many more times while using an android device compared to apple device.

My experience with these switches is hit and miss. They work most of the time but are not 100% reliable in terms of connectivity. They lose connection with the WIFI router quiet a few times. The main reason I picked these were due to the cost. They cost 1/4 of the other switches in the market.

Hope this helps all of those people who are stuck. Please leave a comment if it helps you or in case u have any other problem with these switches. I will try to figure out a solution if I can.