Thursday, September 26, 2013

H800 Logitech Wireless Headset crackling sound

Couple of weeks back I got a Logitech Wireless Headset H800 from a local electronics chain as my old wireless headset was dying. The headset was under a good deal (almost 40% off) so i thought i would take the risk despite not many great reviews online.

After using it for couple of days I found that the headset worked fine with Bluetooth connection, but when using the USB transmitter on my desktop for sound there was lot of crackling sound, making the headset unusable. Now the same USB transmitter was working fine on my laptop. Searching online i found that many people had the same problem, but no solution was to be found. Digging deeper and searching for other headsets I could find two solutions and out of that one has worked for me very well. So i thought i will publish these 2 solution in case someone had the same problem.

Solution 1 (Easier One)

This is the one that worked for me so didn’t try the second one although many people claim that the second solution also works.

Basically what needs to be done is to disable the Intel SpeedStep, CPU C State and C2 State in BIOS. Doing this has solved my problem completely. Please note that these setting could be slightly different in your machine as you would be using a different mother board. I am using an Intel 55TC board.

BIOS Settings for SpeedStep











From what I have read, I am assuming that the Speedstep technology dynamically reduces the bandwidth to the USB ports and that causes the crackling sound.

Solution 2 (Powered USB Hub)

Many users have reported that the crackling sound stops when using a powered USB hub to connect the USB transmitter. This again could be working as the powered USB ports are not controlled by the Intel SpeedStep technology.

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