Monday, July 26, 2010

Trades for 23-07-2010


  1. -548 Gati @ 85.50
  2. -644 IBReal 166.50
  3. -397 India Info @ 100.25
  4. -290 Infinite @ 172.50
  5. -877 Provogue @ 59
  6. -190 Religare @ 412
  7. -801 Thomas Cook @ 69

As I had said on thursday that I was intending to exit lots of trading position, I have done the same and exited almost 75% longs. Though I feel market may go down I have no intentions of shorting, rather I would try to buy lower and sell on rise.

My problems with the new laptop still continues. The laptop still crashed randomly, and it has been creating lots of problems. I did go into the details of the crash this time and I now believe that the processor is faulty. I really don’t know how to put this up with HP. I am sure they are not going to believe that a brand new laptop has a faulty CPU. So i am running few CPU stress tests to see if it gives me anything. Again I back with only one machine and trading life is going to be very tough :)

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