Thursday, July 22, 2010

Trades for 22-07-2010

Today’s Trades:

  1. +107 Utv Software @ 465 (may add more confidence is high)
  2. +112 Blue Star @ 445
  3. -182 Gati Ltd.@ 76
  4. -151 IDFC @ 190

Market has surprised all today and went up when Dow was substantially down. Nifty is moving very close to the target I had in mind since last few months. I had a view that we will touch 5500 before any meaningful correction and we are very close to it. At the time of writing this Dow is up 200+ so we will surely have a gap up tomorrow. I intend to exit lot of trading positions tomorrow as I feel anything above 5500 is little dangerous, though I don’t think that the market will fall much before the expiry.

I will trimming lot of positions tomorrow my own positions and the ones mentioned on the blog. But that doesn’t mean I will not take new ones :) I am a trader and it is not in my blood to remain without position. Only thing I try is to remain a little light when I feel correction is around the corner.

On a separate note, the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) has restarted with my new laptop. I am really at a loss why this would be happening. I am trying to solve the issue as reformatting again is very difficult because I would have to call all the software vendors again. Till this doesn’t get solved I am shutting down the laptop every now and then instead of making it sleep.

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