Sunday, July 4, 2010

Trades for 01/07 & 02/07

Posting this pretty late as I was occupied with lots of other stuff and wasn’t keeping too well. No trades were there for 02/07 as I didn’t go to office at all.

Trades for 01-07-2010:

  1. +644 India Bull Real @ 155.2
  2. +859 Nissan Copper @ 58.20

RBI has finally raised the rates, now one has to see if that’s good or bad because many people were expecting a 50BPS hike instead of 25BPS. But it is also possible that in the regular meeting on 27th July RBI may hike another 25BPS. I would be a buyer in all the real estate stocks if there is a crash on Monday. Again Monday I might not be trading as it has been announced a “bandh” by the political parties.

This is turning out to be a one really long weekend.

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