Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Finally 100% Operational

Finally, finally i am back to my 100% operational status. All software installed on the new laptop and everything working normal or i shud say better and faster than normal :)

But this was not without some road blocks. So here is the full story:

Since this was a new laptop (DM4 1024TX)and came with Windows 7 64Bit preinstalled i figured let me give it a shot. I know from what I have read that all 64Bit Windows have some bugs especially related to drivers, but I thought things would be better. So I went ahead and installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit, things were running smoothly but after sometime windows would not wake up from sleep. It would just restart and this was random. I tried to solve the problem and went through the crash minidump and even did some googling. After spending one full day I came to conclusion that it was a driver issue indeed. Now none of the drivers I installed were 3rd party, all of them were from HP and still the laptop kept on crashing randomly. I was pretty pissed that a brand new laptop would crash like this. And to top it all HP guys don’t even put up the correct WiFi drivers on their support site. This laptop comes with Broadcom 43224AG WLAN adapter but the support site gives drivers for Intel and Atheros WLAN adapters. A doubt a regular user would be able to figure this out.

So finally yesterday I decided to go back to 32Bit and things are pretty smooth since then. All software installed by today evening and now I am up and running.

Now about the market, I should be back to normal trading from tomorrow and back to tweeting as well. There is one trade which I would like to mention i.e., the pair trade of United Spirit and Balaji Dist. As of today’s closing I am making 11,480 in this trade and if I tender the Balaji Dist shares under buy back then I stand to make 80,581. Now this is a big anomaly, one can never make such money, market is always ahead of individuals and I feel there is something which I don’t know. So to be on the safer side I am planning to exit this trade. Because from experience I know that when on paper you see a big opportunity, there is always something wrong, there is always a googly.

Some new ideas have also come up for trading and I intend to implement them from tomorrow, will elaborate more later if they click. Till tomorrow then…………

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