Monday, July 19, 2010

Back After a Long Break

Sorry for not posting anything for last 15 days. Too many things were happening and I couldn’t get the time to post. I was sick, then my daughter fell sick and I had some Income Tax related work which I had to complete on urgent basis. Even my trading was way slower than the usual pace.

Anyways, now I am back and should be back to normal from today onwards. I finally bought a new laptop to replace the one which got spoilt. The new one I bought is a HP DM4 1024TX. I paid a little extra by going for this model, I could have gone for Lenovo or Dell for the same config I would have paid 4-5K less but what attracted me towards this laptop was the looks, weight (its under 2kg) and the battery life (5Hrs+). I also got an Ipad from abroad during last 15 days, so it was a tech shopping week for me :)

I will put up an exclusive post on Ipad later, but let me say this it is a fantastic gadget. Don’t know how productive it can be in ones life but its very easy to use. My daughter who is not even 4 years old, easily plays movies, watches photos and enjoys gaming on the Ipad.

On the market front I badly missed a chance to exit Nissan Copper around 50s. It has crashed to 40 now. Other than that not much regret on the trading part.

Will be putting up an updated google sheet and a market post today evening.

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