Monday, July 26, 2010

Trades for 23-07-2010


  1. -548 Gati @ 85.50
  2. -644 IBReal 166.50
  3. -397 India Info @ 100.25
  4. -290 Infinite @ 172.50
  5. -877 Provogue @ 59
  6. -190 Religare @ 412
  7. -801 Thomas Cook @ 69

As I had said on thursday that I was intending to exit lots of trading position, I have done the same and exited almost 75% longs. Though I feel market may go down I have no intentions of shorting, rather I would try to buy lower and sell on rise.

My problems with the new laptop still continues. The laptop still crashed randomly, and it has been creating lots of problems. I did go into the details of the crash this time and I now believe that the processor is faulty. I really don’t know how to put this up with HP. I am sure they are not going to believe that a brand new laptop has a faulty CPU. So i am running few CPU stress tests to see if it gives me anything. Again I back with only one machine and trading life is going to be very tough :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Trades for 22-07-2010

Today’s Trades:

  1. +107 Utv Software @ 465 (may add more confidence is high)
  2. +112 Blue Star @ 445
  3. -182 Gati Ltd.@ 76
  4. -151 IDFC @ 190

Market has surprised all today and went up when Dow was substantially down. Nifty is moving very close to the target I had in mind since last few months. I had a view that we will touch 5500 before any meaningful correction and we are very close to it. At the time of writing this Dow is up 200+ so we will surely have a gap up tomorrow. I intend to exit lot of trading positions tomorrow as I feel anything above 5500 is little dangerous, though I don’t think that the market will fall much before the expiry.

I will trimming lot of positions tomorrow my own positions and the ones mentioned on the blog. But that doesn’t mean I will not take new ones :) I am a trader and it is not in my blood to remain without position. Only thing I try is to remain a little light when I feel correction is around the corner.

On a separate note, the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) has restarted with my new laptop. I am really at a loss why this would be happening. I am trying to solve the issue as reformatting again is very difficult because I would have to call all the software vendors again. Till this doesn’t get solved I am shutting down the laptop every now and then instead of making it sleep.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Finally 100% Operational

Finally, finally i am back to my 100% operational status. All software installed on the new laptop and everything working normal or i shud say better and faster than normal :)

But this was not without some road blocks. So here is the full story:

Since this was a new laptop (DM4 1024TX)and came with Windows 7 64Bit preinstalled i figured let me give it a shot. I know from what I have read that all 64Bit Windows have some bugs especially related to drivers, but I thought things would be better. So I went ahead and installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit, things were running smoothly but after sometime windows would not wake up from sleep. It would just restart and this was random. I tried to solve the problem and went through the crash minidump and even did some googling. After spending one full day I came to conclusion that it was a driver issue indeed. Now none of the drivers I installed were 3rd party, all of them were from HP and still the laptop kept on crashing randomly. I was pretty pissed that a brand new laptop would crash like this. And to top it all HP guys don’t even put up the correct WiFi drivers on their support site. This laptop comes with Broadcom 43224AG WLAN adapter but the support site gives drivers for Intel and Atheros WLAN adapters. A doubt a regular user would be able to figure this out.

So finally yesterday I decided to go back to 32Bit and things are pretty smooth since then. All software installed by today evening and now I am up and running.

Now about the market, I should be back to normal trading from tomorrow and back to tweeting as well. There is one trade which I would like to mention i.e., the pair trade of United Spirit and Balaji Dist. As of today’s closing I am making 11,480 in this trade and if I tender the Balaji Dist shares under buy back then I stand to make 80,581. Now this is a big anomaly, one can never make such money, market is always ahead of individuals and I feel there is something which I don’t know. So to be on the safer side I am planning to exit this trade. Because from experience I know that when on paper you see a big opportunity, there is always something wrong, there is always a googly.

Some new ideas have also come up for trading and I intend to implement them from tomorrow, will elaborate more later if they click. Till tomorrow then…………

Monday, July 19, 2010

Back After a Long Break

Sorry for not posting anything for last 15 days. Too many things were happening and I couldn’t get the time to post. I was sick, then my daughter fell sick and I had some Income Tax related work which I had to complete on urgent basis. Even my trading was way slower than the usual pace.

Anyways, now I am back and should be back to normal from today onwards. I finally bought a new laptop to replace the one which got spoilt. The new one I bought is a HP DM4 1024TX. I paid a little extra by going for this model, I could have gone for Lenovo or Dell for the same config I would have paid 4-5K less but what attracted me towards this laptop was the looks, weight (its under 2kg) and the battery life (5Hrs+). I also got an Ipad from abroad during last 15 days, so it was a tech shopping week for me :)

I will put up an exclusive post on Ipad later, but let me say this it is a fantastic gadget. Don’t know how productive it can be in ones life but its very easy to use. My daughter who is not even 4 years old, easily plays movies, watches photos and enjoys gaming on the Ipad.

On the market front I badly missed a chance to exit Nissan Copper around 50s. It has crashed to 40 now. Other than that not much regret on the trading part.

Will be putting up an updated google sheet and a market post today evening.

Monday, July 5, 2010

How I Recovered from a Crashed Laptop

I just realized that I haven’t done a single Tech post since last 2 weeks, so I thought I will share my experience of recovering from the crashed laptop. As I have been saying since last few days, I lost one of my crucial laptop for daily work 1 week back. Within 24hrs I was able to transfer the whole system on another machine. The delay mainly occurred because my backups were at home and the laptop crashed while I was in office, so I had to wait till I got back home to restore my backup.

First and foremost the only and only reason I could recover so fast was due to backups. I can never stress enough on how crucial it is to take backups especially if your livelihood depends on computers. My current backup plan is as follows:

  1. Daily full backup of my 3 machines (2 Laptops / 1 Desktop at home) at night
  2. Live backup of “My Documents” using one of the online backup service.

I religiously backup my 3 machines every night using Acronis on a 1TB desktop hard drive. Currently the drive is connected to the desktop and shared over the network. I would prefer to have NAS but its little expensive and I feel overkill for 3 machines. For live backup I use Dropbox which gives me 2GB of online space for free. This system has served me well in bad times.

But crashes are never predictable and never easy to recover. Even though I had full and working backup, it wasn’t easy to use it. Due to the copy protected software I could not just copy everything on another machine and use it. None of the software would work. So I decided to use a virtualization software and use the backup from acronis to restore to a VM (Virtual Machine). I used Vmware 7 to create a VM and restore my backup but after the restoring the machine wouldn’t boot up. It kept on giving me BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) with error 0x0000007B which means un-mountable boot partition. After searching on the net I found that this was due to conflict in IDE drivers and is common when you have SATA drive. There were few workarounds to this problem but all were little complicated.

So finally I decided to pull out the hard disk from the laptop and plug it in the desktop. A few restarts and all was working fine. All copy protected programs were also running fine. So I am guessing they are bound to the hard disk serial and not the mother board.

Moral of the story: Always backup but don’t be sure that you will be able to use them :). Have a backup plan in case backups fail.

Update: Got the quotation from the HP service centre. They want me to pay 28k for repairing a 2 year old laptop :) Good luck with that HP………

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Trades for 01/07 & 02/07

Posting this pretty late as I was occupied with lots of other stuff and wasn’t keeping too well. No trades were there for 02/07 as I didn’t go to office at all.

Trades for 01-07-2010:

  1. +644 India Bull Real @ 155.2
  2. +859 Nissan Copper @ 58.20

RBI has finally raised the rates, now one has to see if that’s good or bad because many people were expecting a 50BPS hike instead of 25BPS. But it is also possible that in the regular meeting on 27th July RBI may hike another 25BPS. I would be a buyer in all the real estate stocks if there is a crash on Monday. Again Monday I might not be trading as it has been announced a “bandh” by the political parties.

This is turning out to be a one really long weekend.