Friday, June 25, 2010

Trades for last 2 days

Finally back on the blog. I couldn’t update the blog since last two days because of several reasons. First and foremost my one laptop which was sick finally died, and has gone to repairs. So restoring everything on another machine and getting up to speed was little slow due to expiry day yesterday. Other reasons were personal like had some occasion at home, too much rains and got stuck also being expiry week there was lot of rollover work.

Here are the trades of last 2 days:

  1. +2237 Balaji Dist @ 44.70    (23-06-2010)
  2. +801 Thomas Cook @ 62.4 (22-06-2010)

After getting into Balaji Dist trade I found out that it was merging into United Breweries and even the ratio was fixed. So i feel on its own there is no movement possible in Balaji Dist and it will move with United Breweries. Due to this fact I intend to exit this trade today or tomorrow. At 10.45 today its quoting at 45.75 which still gives me 1Rs for a wrong trade :)

My plan to start FII options trading analysis may not be possible over the weekend due to shortage of machine. Lets see how things pan out over the weekend.

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