Monday, June 21, 2010

Trades for 21-06-2010

Today’s trades:
  1. -156 Future Capital @ 200
Finally I have been able to create a google sheet which will have all the trades and a summary with current market price. This sheet will also show invested capital, market value of the portfolio and current M-T-M profit. I hope this helps in visualizing the trading portfolio.
Today I had been pretty much inactive whole day as one of my laptop had crashed. I was able to bring it to working condition but yet I am not too sure if it will function properly tomorrow. This is the DV2610 laptop which has my Newswire18 terminal and a falcon copy without which I am very much handicapped in trading.
Even twitter seems to be having some problem. Today also there was some outage due to overload. Seems till FIFA 2010 is not over we are going to have frequent overloads on twitter :)

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