Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trades for 15-06-2010

Today I wasn’t able to update my trades on twitter in real time due to twitter being overloaded. Anyways following are trades for today:

  1. -77 Rel Power @ 172
  2. +530 India Infoline @ 94.25
  3. -133 India Info @ 97.25
  4. +290 Infinite @ 172.25
  5. -77 Rel Power @ 178
  6. -77 Rel Power @ 179.50
  7. +150 5200PE June @ 44

For all options that I buy or sell I will assume that I will be paying margin so as to control the size of my trade. Even if I am buyer of an option I will consider that I have paid the margin even though the Stock Exchanges don’t levy any margin. The margin usually varies from time to time but I will take is at Rs 350 per nifty so my Rs. 50,000 exposure will allow me to trade 150 (3 Lots) of nifty at a time.

I am still in the process of creating the Google sheet for aggregating my trades. From what I have already tried it seems that it may not be very easy to go with Google sheet, in case i am not able to automate things with Google sheet then i will go with Web based Excel sheet. I should be able to figure out something by tomorrow.

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