Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trades for 14-06-2010

As promised I will start disclosing my trades from today. But before I do that I would like to have some standards through which I can decide the amount I invest in each trade. After giving it considerable thought i have decided on Rs, 50,000 exposure per trade in delivery segment and Rs. 50,000 of margin exposure if I am doing it in Futures & Options segment. There might be times where I would be very confident on a trade, in such cases it would be double the regular amount, and I will indicate the same on my tweets. So here goes the first post on my trades:

  1. + 625 Future Capital Holding Ltd @ 160 (this was a double confidence trade which i didn’t mention in my tweet since i had not formulated a plan on the amount of exposure i will be publishing in this blog)
  2. +302 IDFC @ 165.25
  3. +306 Reliance Power @ 163.25

In near future I will try to create a Google sheet where all the trades will be tabulated and summarized so that one can check M-T-M profit / loss and position on near real time basis. I will also try to post this daily positions by early evening so that all get a chance to review it before end of day. Since this is the first post and I had to formulate few standards I posted it so late.

Before I close this post let me clarify few things. First I would be taking exposure of much more value or lesser value compared to what’s disclosed here but the confidence proportion will remain linked. I in no way am recommending anyone to follow or trade behind me and if anyone does so then its at your own discretion and risk. I would not be attaching a standard disclosure to all my posts but since this is the first post I will attach a disclosure.

DISCLOSURE: Stok Guru’s Diary is a blog only for information and education purpose. I will be having positions in all stocks recommended here thus having vested interest in the same. Any reader is requested to do his/her own research and/or consult a certified financial planner before making decisions with respect to buying and selling stocks or derivatives. This blog and it's owner do not take any responsibility for the views expressed in here and any consequences including financial, legal or otherwise resulting from actions based on such views.

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