Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Reliance Netconnect+ v/s Tata Photon+

As I mentioned in my last post, I was travelling to Baroda over the weekend and had the opportunity to use both the high speed data cards during the journey and in Baroda. Here is my observation:

  • While in the train both used to disconnect every now and then but what I observed was Netconnect+ only disconnected when I was moving from a low speed network to high speed network while downgrading there was no disconnection. Photon+ disconnected randomly and more frequently.
  • The speed again Netconnect+ was much better than Photon+ during the journey and while in Baroda.

My conclusion is that Reliance Netconnect+ is far better than Photon+ while in Mumbai and even while travelling. Only place where Photon+ would score better is that it has many more cities under high speed coverage than Netconnect+. Again this is what I gather from their marketing material and not something which I have cross checked. So if the city that one is travelling has high speed Reliance network then Netconnect+ would be my choice of connectivity.

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