Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Setup

Hi I never got started with blogging since the idea was formed in my head, but now i have decided to blog seriously and so I am hopping that things would move forward from now on.

Since I will be talking about Indian Stock Market and my passion of technology, I thought I would first let everyone know my setup. Here is the list of machines & gadgets that I use:

The above mentioned machines are connected to 2 Samsung 22” Lcds, 1 LG 19” Lcd and 2 LG 17” Lcds. So all in all i have 7 screens to work with including the laptop displays. I use only 1 keyboard and mouse to control all the machines and one dedicated wireless keyboard (Logitech K350) is attached to my tablet. I will elaborate more on each machine and gadget in a separate weekend post.

The Software I use for trading:

I use many other software for day to day work but the above mentioned ones are the bare minimum required for daily trading. I will post a photo of my trading desk so as one can visualize it.


Questions & Comments are most welcome.


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