Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Machines (Second Wives)

Well this is a first for me….blogging from a running train :). This weekend I am travelling to Baroda from Mumbai to attend a cousins wedding. Right now I am sitting in Shatabdhi Express and blogging away, connected to the internet thru Reliance Netconnect+. I have heard lots of nasty things about all products from Reliance Communication but I have to say their broadband wireless service has never let me down. I own both Hi-Speed wireless connections available in Mumbai Reliance / Tata and I have to say from my experience Reliance is miles ahead of Tata in this regard. My experience with Tata Photon+ has been horrible in Mumbai, very bad speed (never exceeds 300kbps) and frequent disconnections if I am travelling more than 60Km/h. Reliance Netconnect+ gives me consistent high speed (1mbps+) and never disconnects. This is the first time I am taking both my data cards for a spin out of Mumbai, will blog about the experience once I am back.

This post is to elaborate on the machines that I use for my day to day life. First I will start with the desktops, following are the configuration of the desktops:

  1. Quad Core 2.9Ghz / 4GB Ram / 320GB*4 SATA Hard disk in RAID 5 / Nvidia GTX 260 / 22” Samsung LCD / 19” LG LCD and the regular stuff.
  2. Quad Core 2.9Ghz / 4GB Ram / 320GB Hard disk / Onboard Graphics / 22” Samsung LCD / 17” LG LCD / Tv Tuner Card and regular stuff.

Many of you might be wondering why such a high end configuration in one of the system, the reason is simple, I am an avid gamer and almost always play all the latest games. So the first machine is my gaming / trading rig. The first machine usually runs my 2 trading terminal for NSE / BSE and a few Remote Desktop sessions. The second machines runs a copy of falcon, the data streaming application of falcon and TV (mostly tuned to CNBC).

My Laptops:

  1. TC4400 – Core2Duo 2.2Ghz / 2GB Ram / 80GB Hard disk / 12” Wacom Enabled Active Screen (no touch) and regular stuff
  2. DV2601TX – Core2Duo 1.5Ghz / 3GB Ram / 120GB Hard disk / 14” Screen

The tablet that I use is now almost 3.5 years old and due for a replacement but I haven’t found any other tablet that I like. The one that I actually like is not available in India (Lenovo X201T). The second is fairly new (just about 2 years) and is usually attached to a 17” LCD when I am in office. The tablet is used for browsing the internet, tracking my portfolio, staying in touch with instant messengers, email and all work related to the internet. The second laptop connected with an external LCD usually has Newswire18 terminal Aspen Graphics and falcon running. I also have 2 more machined running in background which have the NSE Server and Reuters terminal but both of this are redirected to my 2 desktops using Remote Desktop so that I can use all the software on my screen.

My office infrastructure:

  1. 3 Internet connections -- MTNL / TATA / Local Cable. All internet connections have inbound VPN capabilities
  2. 3 Leased Lines + Routers -- BSE / NSE / Head Office
  3. 1 Online 6KVA Ups – Provides 8 Hrs backup time to all my office machines (12 of them)

I have such a setup that all my internets are configured in a round robin setup so there is automatic switch over in case one fails. My trading is always done through the leased line and never through the internet as I feel lease lines provide far better speed and reliability. I have backup connectivity 2 both the exchanges through my head office leased line.

That’s my setup and all these have been procured / designed by myself. I have even programmed the routers that connect me to my head office. I also have a dedicated old laptop connected to the internet 24x7 running torrent client / mail server / backup server / VPN connectivity etc… but that will have to wait for another post.

Till tomorrow then…………….


  1. Great initiative and useful information. Keep it up. Looking forward to more from you.


  2. Thank you. Will try to post interesting stuff and also try to be regular in posting