Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What's this diary all about?

Hello Everyone,

This dairy is about my daily trading in Indian Stock Market. Here I will be publishing what I do on day to day basis, my view on the market, rumors in the market etc... Trading in the market is my full time activity, I trade in all styles, intra-day, swing, short term, long term, Futures & Options.

Disclosure: By default I will have a position in whichever scrip I write here.

As I am a computer nerd I will also have a section dedicated to the devices that I use (I use quiet a few), and also the kinds of softwares and general tweaks that I use. Initially I was not very convinced of a tech section, but after seeing very limited information available on mobile devices in India, especially Tablets and Pocket Pc Phones, I thought why not start to document what I have gone thru while setting up and using these devices.

I will change the future course of this blog according to the feedback I get from readers.